20 Best Credit Monitoring Services For Your Assistance

Credit monitoring services

Credit monitoring services are the services which monitor your credit regularly and alerts you immediately if there is any change, like if someone tries to open a new account using your name. This way, they help to prevent identity theft.

Credit scores determine if you will qualify for a loan. Not just this, they also determine the interest rates and monthly payments. That’s why credit monitoring is very important so that you can manage your existing and future loans more efficiently. Credit monitoring gives you peace of mind and helps you to protect your financial standing.

1. Identity Guard

It provides credit report from all the three credit bureaus- Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. It monitors your SSN and guards you against black market websites. If your identity is stolen, it provides you with $1 million identity theft insurance. It monitors your bank accounts and public records for any fraudulent activity.

2. Experian

It offers triple-bureau credit monitoring i.e. credit report from the three credit bureaus- Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. With the Experian Credit Tracker, you can track your Experian credit score and credit report. It also provides credit reports and credit monitoring for small businesses.

3. TransUnion

Along with triple-bureau credit monitoring, TransUnion provides features such as public record monitoring, address-change monitoring, lost wallet protection, access to identity restoration specialists. It also prevents lenders from retrieving your TransUnion credit report if you become a victim of identity theft.

4. Equifax

The features of Equifax and TransUnion are quite similar. In addition to the credit protection features, it provides you a 30 day trial period absolutely free. Additional features include lost wallet protection and availability of customer service 24/7.

Credit Monitoring Services

5. Lifelock

Lifelock not only provides triple-bureau credit monitoring, but it also tracks your bank accounts, investment accounts, and retirement plans. It also monitors black-market websites and if your information is seen on those websites, it notifies you.

6. Credit Sesame

In addition to monitoring by three credit bureaus, Credit Sesame offers features such as monitoring of black market websites, your Social Security Number, and your public records. It also offers insurance of $1 million for identity theft victims.

7. Credit Karma

Credit Karma is a free credit monitoring service that helps you in identity theft prevention. It provides you with easy-to-read credit reports and credit scores. It also offers tools to help with your finances and to keep your credit range regular. The odd calculator calculates your odds (probabilities) of getting a loan through your credit history.

8. TrustedID

It tracks and sends you monthly updates of your credit scores. Not just this, it also provides extra features such as Facebook privacy monitoring and junk mail reduction. You also get a 14-day trial period. If you want to sign your whole family, then this service is for you.

9. Identity Force

With the basic feature of credit monitoring by all three credit bureaus, if there are any changes in your credit report, Identity Force notifies you by email. It also offers several tools to secure your personal information such as your home address, court records, etc.

10. ProtectMyID

It is operated by the credit bureau Experian and it provides you access to your Experian credit reports. Additionally, it also offers features of internet scanning, change of address alerting & surveillance alerts.

11. IdentityProtect

It provides features of black market monitoring, password encryption, and $1 million identity theft insurance along with tri-bureau credit monitoring. It also offers credit analyser which compares your past credits with your credit score.

Credit Monitoring Services

12. MyFico

MyFico was initiated by FICO. It offers quarterly credit monitoring by all the three credit bureaus. This service was founded so that people could easily get their credit score online.

13. Wells Fargo

Offering triple-bureau credit monitoring, Wells Fargo is one of the most trusted financial services. It monthly tracks your credit score with its score tracker and provides credit theft protection. With its additional feature of score stimulator, it shows you possible outcomes of acquiring loans.

14. Mint

Mint is a bit different from other credit monitoring services. Instead of sending updates monthly, it sends you alerts every week. It helps you to monitor your credit score by showing your spent amount. This service is absolutely free.

15. Privacy Matters

Its credit reports include information from all the three major credit bureaus. It alerts you whenever anything changes in your credit report. If someone tries to open a new account using your credit, changes your address or public record information, it sends you a notification.

16. CreditReport.com

With CreditReport.com, you get access to your Experian credit report daily along with your three bureau reports. It closely looks for any changes in your personal information such as your address, public records, etc. Monitoring your credit is very easy with this service.

17. TrueCredit

TrueCredit provides you with credit reports from the three credit bureaus and it also assists you in resolving credit fraud and disputing errors. It helps you to build a good credit rating and offers features such as ID fraud watch, credit alerts etc. If you are an active member, you can view your credit reports online whenever you want.

18. Privacy Guard

With this credit-monitoring service, you get monthly reports of your credit from the three major credit agencies. If someone attempts to use your social security card fraudulently, it alerts you immediately and hence protects you from social security identity theft.

19. Freecreditreport.com

It is a splendid service for credit monitoring. If someone attempts to get credit using your name, alters your account number, files for your tax refund or modifies your contact information, then freecreditreport.com sends you a mobile alert instantly.

20. Creditscore.com

It provides you with the three bureau credit report and sends you alerts if any change occurs in your report. It also monitors factors which affect your credit score.

These services provided to the users are a control point for the thieves. They may try to play with your credentials but these monitoring services are all set to make the identity thieves bite the dust.

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