Be Careful While Clicking Your Next Selfie – Fingerprint Identity Theft

Fingerprint Identity Theft

From the last few years, a phenomenon, known as “selfie” is very popular among the people all over the world. Though selfies can be great fun, they can also create dangerous situations for you. You might be aware of selfie-related deaths. But, selfies can also lead to a form of identity theft known as Fingerprint Identity Theft. Fingerprint Identity Theft is an identity theft in which an identity thief steals your identity by stealing your fingerprints.

Fingerprint Identity Theft

Now, you may be wondering how Fingerprint Identity Theft can occur from clicking selfies. Well, you may be familiar with selfies having peace sign (also known as V or victory sign). People love to flash those signs while taking selfies or normal photos. Turns out that it is not the right thing to do. According to a new study, a simple peace sign is more than enough for a thief to steal your identity. This is because clicking photos with peace signs exposes your fingerprints. This eventually leads to identity theft.

Recent Research

Professor Isao Echizen of the National Institute of Informatics made a research. Using the fingerprint technology, he easily managed to extract the fingerprints from photos having exposed fingers. Of course, the photos had the palm facing the camera. As long as the fingers are 3 meters (10 feet) away & are clearly visible, fingerprints can be easily extracted. Other than the widely known mobile phone identity theft, your phone can lead to another threat.

This is very scary as biometric identification is becoming more and more prevalent in the present time. Also, with the increasing trend of posting photos on social networking sites, the crime becomes pretty easier. An identity thief just needs to find your picture on the internet. He can then analyze your fingerprints and then save them with your face. Eventually, he can commit identity theft. As a result, scientists are warning people not to use peace signs in selfies as it is not safe. Peace signs are not a style trend these days. They are a threat to your identity.

Fingerprint Identity Theft

From the current scenario, it is very obvious that celebrities are at the highest risk. Not just celebrity identity theft, celebrities can also suffer Fingerprint Identity Theft. This is because their photos are widely and easily available on the internet.


Fingerprints are exclusive for each and every person. Although, this doesn’t mean that they are a good security measure. Password security is much safer than biometric security. This is due to the fact that you just have to remember it and have to be careful while typing it. On the other hand, your fingerprints are unique to you. But, if someone else accesses it, then it could be the worst nightmare for you. If an identity thief hacks your password, you can surely change it. But, you can’t do anything with your fingerprints which you are born with.

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