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Secret To Create The Best Master Password

Now, you have decided to use a password manager. It’s a great step towards improving your security and protecting your information. Master Password is the password which you need to create and use to access your password manager and all your other passwords.

Master Password Saved My Computer from Theft Attacks!!

Using a password manager is one of the best ways to enjoy the safety traits in your computer. Your password has to be strong and unique, this ensures it is not likely to be stolen or hacked.

Why Do You Need A Password Manager?

A password manager is a software application which is used to store and organise several complex passwords. The passwords which are stored in it are kept in encrypted form, therefore, a master password is required to be created by the user. This master password is the key to all the other passwords.

20 Password Security Tips To Protect Your Identity

Password security tips are required to create a unique and strong password. Almost every day you are using your email, social media accounts, ATM, etc. For all of these, you require a password or PIN to access them. Passwords are something which can protect your sensitive information.

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