Child Identity TheftPrevention and Protection

Child Identity Theft- A tempting Target for The Hidden Thieves

Child identity theft

Child Identity Theft occurs for the personal gain of the con artist that directly hits a minor’s identity. After a child is born, the parents obtain a child Social Security Number that says the child is dependent on the parents. This SSN can be misused by an identity thief from the school, sports association, doctor’s office etc. for any illegal purpose. A child’s SSN is intact and before a child touches an age of 18 years, he has no link with any financial or credit transactions. So, at times, it takes so many years to catch the actual identity thief.

In the US, there is an increase in the cases of Child Identity Theft so, here with the help of a short story, we will tell you how your child is at a risk of identity theft. Olivia is now 18 years old and she recently applied for her first credit card, driver’s license and a college loan. But what happened next will stagger you!! She was denied because her Social Security Number (SSN) seems already assigned for a driver’s license, 3 credit cards and $15,373 in debt. Later it was detected that Olivia’s identity was stolen pretty early when she was just 7 years old, but nobody thought of checking her credit until now.

Child identity protection

According to the data, it shows that children are the fastest growing segment of identity theft in the US. How would you know that your child’s identity has been stolen?? We do have an answer to this… When your child starts receiving suspicious emails like some financial offers or lottery etc., when you try to open a financial account for your child but find that it’s already there in your child’s name or when you find there is a credit report already existing in your child’s name. There had been a case when a woman used her daughter’s identity to fulfil her own dreams of being a part of the school’s cheerleading team. This shows that such thefts take place within the family members as well.

Such cases need child identity theft protection and thus, parents need to be proactive so as to transcend it and safeguard their child’s identity. Parents need to sign up for good online identity protection programs that help in observing the child. Apart from this, instructing your child not to share his/her personal information to anybody would be another safety measure that parents can take. Whenever your child’s SSN is demanded, you can question it and most prominently parents need to keep a check on their child’s credit when they turn 16. Protecting your child begins from home…

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