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College Student Almost Lost Internship Due To Identity Theft

Student Identity Theft

Social Security Identity Theft

Lindsey, a resident of Texas became a victim of identity theft during her college days. Lindsey had to do an internship during her college vacation. She applied for her dream internship and she was sure that her application would be accepted.

Undoubtedly, she got the offer, but she didn’t know that she has been caught up in the trap of social security identity theft. When Lindsey accepted the company’s offer, they ran a background check on her. It exposed that someone else was using her social security number (SSN) for employment purpose from a very long time. Lindsey was classified “unemployable” as her SSN was not owned by her.

It took a lot of time to resolve issues with the finance companies, credit bureaus, the Social Security Administration, etc. During that time, the internship was given to another applicant.  “It was like a full-time job,” Lindsey recalled. “I spent hours and hours doing paperwork, standing in line, and sitting on the phone computers. I’m extremely careful now…I check my credit incessantly.”

Eventually, her identity was restored and she was able to accept the internship after some months. With this episode, Lindsay understood the importance of social security identity theft protection and realised that she needs to keep a check on her credentials.

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