Cyber Vandalism, an Artwork of Cyber Threat To People

Cyber Vandalism

What is Cyber/Computer vandalism?

Cyber-Vandalism accounts to the act of damaging someone’s data from the computer that in a way disrupts the victim’s business or image due to editing the data into something invasive, embarrassing or absurd. The thieves create malevolent programs that prove injurious to the hard disk data or login credentials of the victim. Cyber-vandalism is different from computer viruses that attach into the programs and Wikipedia being one of the famous sites, is prone to potential damage of content because anyone can edit the site. However, Wikipedia has presently sustained an equilibrium between the types of users that there are articles that cannot be edited by unregistered or new users.

Today’s vandalism felony surrounds the computers and in some countries, new laws have also been updated that has resulted in the punishment for vandalism. The gaming company networks have paved a productive way for the computer-literate youth to indulge their knowledge and talents into creating games rather than becoming malware designers. Cyber-Vandalism leads to other risks also that could be dangerous for your computer system, your identity, your precious personal data and your finances.

Website Defacement- Another form of Vandalism

Any kind of attack on the website that changes its appearance or changes the whole webpage is termed as website defacement. Common means of this activity is through SQL injections which aids in achieving administrative access and the other is FTP that can be done once the thief acquires username and password.

Basically, government and religious websites are targeted for defacement due to either political reasons or even for fun. This act may recruit a bad image of the websites and people may lose faith in these sites due to security reasons. Such threats affect the victim’s life to a larger magnitude thus it is indispensable for you to know how to protect your digital privacy.

Cyber Vandalism

There are notable cases of Cyber-vandalism-

1. John Seigenthaler, Sr. was defamed in May 2005, as one user edited his biography article on Wikipedia. One of his friend Victor S. Johnson, Jr., noticed the false statements.

2. Donald Trump’s complete Wikipedia page was switched by one single verdict, “Let’s be fair, nobody cares about him”, in July 2015.

3. Hillary Clinton was added to the cast of Weekend at Bernie’s Wikipedia page in August 2016 after her “medical episode” at the 9/11 memorial.

Cyber Vandalism

Who are the cyber vandals: A genre of people who vandalise computer systems

1. Professional Developers

As the professional developers have experience and expertise in creating programs, they are proficient enough to create computer viruses also. They are so much skilled that they can easily encroach into the data systems or can even exploit the security susceptibilities and may use many such tricks to impede your computer system.

2. Researchers

These are the people who can simply counterattack the actions of an antivirus software in a computer and can discover methods to infect the computer. Researchers actually do not spread their created programmes but they do encourage their destructing concepts through the internet. These ideas may be used in the future, by the wicked folks.

3. Skilled and inexperienced youth

At times the young hackers try to prove their worth and fall into the category of cyber vandals. Those students who are skilled enough in creating malware they earn money by selling their ideas to antivirus companies. While those young people who are still not thorough with the ability to create malware, learn to create viruses through internet tutorials. It is easily approachable crime for youngsters that commit the biggest cyber security crimes and leave the victim’s image completely ruined at once.

How can vandalism crime be a threat?

• It affects your digital identity and image
• If you have a business, it loses your customers
• It ruins your overall reputation
• Extra expenses, time and labour are involved
• Reduces your profits

The US government has stated vandalism laws under the criminal laws section that contains: Federal law, State law, Evidence and Impediments to prosecution. You can protect yourself from Cyber-vandalism by identity management and by updating your security system. One spark neglected may burn the house and your hands will be completely in ashes. A well working security system is needed in case you do not want to let your identity be kept at stake.

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