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Social Security Number Identity Theft

In America, identity theft is one of the biggest and growing crime these days. Anyone who is your acquaintance may turn out to be a dishonest one if he has your social security number. The identity thieves can anytime misuse your name and credits to apply for more credits or to commit other crimes in your name. They use your credit cards, shop as much as they want and do not pay bills, which spoils your credits. When you start getting calls from creditors from whom you never took items and you have no payments due; then you can realize that you have been trapped in a theft.

Social Security Number Identity Theft

There is this Social Security Administration, which safeguards your social security number, and it keeps your records confidential. Your SSN is a confidential number and it should be given only when there is a dire need. If you are asked to give your SSN then you have the right to ask, why; and when you begin with a job, you should make it sure, that your social security number should be correct in the records. While someone uses your identity illegally, it surely causes many problems in your life.

More than anything else, you need to monitor your credits, financial accounts and records against any kind of unusual activity or transactions. If you are a student, then your future will be at stake if your SSN is stolen and the identity thief may commit college identity theft too, against you. There is a story shred here, that concretely tells us about the loss faced by people who go through social security number identity theft:

Lindsey, a resident of Texas became a victim of identity theft during her college days. Lindsey had to do an internship during her college vacation. She sent an application for her internship and she was sure that her application would be acknowledged. Undoubtedly, she got the offer.

When Lindsey accepted the company’s offer, they ran a background check on her. It exposed that someone else was using her Social Security Number (SSN) for employment purpose from a very long time. Lindsey was classified “unemployable” as she did not own her SSN.

It took a lot of time to resolve issues with the finance companies, credit bureaus, the Social Security Administration, etc. During that time, the internship was given to another applicant. “It was like a full-time job,” Lindsey recalled. “I spent hours and hours doing paperwork, standing in line, and sitting on the phone computers. I’m extremely careful now…I check my credit incessantly.”
Eventually, her identity re-established and she was able to receive the internship after some months.

Social Security Number Identity Theft

Most of the Americans have been victims of this theft because of the database security breach, which as a result puts your social security number at risk. It is thus important to take steps to protect yourself from identity theft. You need to learn what you can do when your social security card is stolen, as this is one unique identity that proves your existence in the country.

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