Financial Theft Identification Heuristics and identity theft protection thumb rules

Economic depression, financial crisis, and bankruptcy can be avoided with directional and focused monetary flow. Optimization of the financial stream is similar to meditation, which strengthens your economic standing and social position. Here, we trace the weak points and draw highly profitable directions, steps, and guidelines to climb up the ladder in your financial graph.

Modus Operandi Trap I: “Hello Sir (Concerned Company), Please tell me your ID and password, we want to help you……”

The presented case is a psychological trap with stimulation directed for financial loot, identity theft, and password extraction. Unfortunately, due to lack of awareness, many people fall for such encouraging activities and experience economic catastrophe. Note, never share your account identify of bank accounts, online banking services, and credit card account numbers and ensure password protection at any cost.

Modus Operandi Trap II: “Emergency situation: You need to communicate some data within a span of few minutes”

Sometimes, as a response, you feel pressurized that you need to exhibit dedication and responsibility and simultaneously, meet your targets. So, you log in to email-ids through unidentified computers in cafes, libraries, and malls; and as always pushed remember me an option from the dialogue box with OK. Wake up! You have committed a devastating mistake. Note, to ensure yourself from identity theft protection; you may use protection services which give identification passcodes on calls or text messages, for example, Google’s Gmail.


 Modus Operandi Trap III: “Seller’s eye: pe bech de; Want it. Get it.”

Reports suggest that these slogans have energized people to try their luck in business and earn a profit. Meanwhile, cyber crimes involving business commodity exchanges have surfaced. Perhaps, carelessness of the seller may have prompted the buyer to violate identity theft protection concerned laws and recover encrypted information through storage media on devices and computers. To avoid with resultant financial debts and serious monetary mistakes, protect yourself with financial identity theft by ensuring that you clear all the data stored on the hard drives, USB drives, and memory cards.


Modus Operandi Trap IV: “Shopping Freaks: High discounts-branded items- online shopping

Let us assume that you wish to buy a pair of branded shoes or a high-end full-length gown for a cheap price. Instead of going to the brand outlet retail store, you opt for online shopping and save all your shopping account passwords of the website on the local computer for future ease and use, and all this activity was done on a publically accessible desktop in a café.

Alert! Now, all your till date secured accounts and associated passwords have gone public. The money that may be available in your cart can be utilized by an unknown person. As a typical case of financial mistake, there is no password protection now.

The unknown person has access to your money to shop for himself/herself with an identity theft to augment the chances. On the other hand, with identity theft total security protection and a little bit of awareness, the mentioned incident of financial identity theft may refrain.

Lastly, we can avoid getting victimized by taking a lesson from the above-mentioned traps and avoid the most common financial failures.

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