Guess Whom I’m Dating!! An Online Dating Thief…

Online dating identity theft

Online dating identity theft can be a big way for scammers to execute their criminal minds. Through online dating people meet new people and interact with many strangers in their daily life. Because of the fact people seek for a romantic partner, online dating has become more popular these days. But have you ever thought about your necessary information being shared on social media with these strangers whom you have never met? Is it safe to share your details to a complete stranger whom you have not even met, just talked over text messages? This is how online dating identity theft goes, you never know that stranger who promises to be a nice partner, could turn out to be an identity thief and may be performing online dating scams.

Online dating identity theft

It is possible that while you are finding a soul-mate on a popular site online, there is an identity thief who must be prying eye son your identity and personal information. Basically these scammers are pretty lazy but they too have various techniques that may help them in stealing your perfect information. If once we understand how these thieves hack our minds and reach out to grab our personal information, then we can surely protect ourselves from these scams. It is easier to spot these criminals, once we get to know their technique of approaching people and their pattern of communication.

These online dating scams basically begin with an ordinary conversation where you never know the other person sitting on the other side would be a real one or is faking his reality. They can anytime create a fake emergency call to you and ask for monetary help. You are likely to help that person if you just flow in the emotions. A person you have never met, don’t know much about and don’t even know the history of that person, then you shall never provide financial assistance to that person. It could be a trap for you and the consequences could be, no online theft protection for you…

Online dating identity theft

The risks involved in online dating could be:

1. Stalking and harassment of the weaker part.
2. Financial fraud that will eventually lead you to loss of a big amount of money and also under debts.
3. No personal safety because you don’t know the person on the other side of the screen.
4. Phishing scams may occur in the form of emails or text messages.
5. While making payments also, on any dating site; you may face potential theft of your money.
6. You might also be cheated by some dating sites as they pose themselves to be genuine and authentic.

How can you be saved?

There you will find maximum of people who are fake and do not show their real identity to you. So you too need to present yourself as anonymous and shall not share your true details. Do not tell the stranger anything about your accounts, family, businesses etc. because it becomes easy for the scammer to trap you in their web. Another reminder is that these scammers might turn their conversation to be provocative, overtly sexual or dirty; be careful of them and take proper measures for identity theft protection. Any kind of private details given to them, may turn into a threat to you because such people know it very well how to harass their dates in lieu of money. Unless you are comfortable and know each and everything about the background of your date, do not hurry in sharing your information with him/her.

Connecting with new people is great but you shall first take your time to know each other. Even if everything goes well in the beginning, even if you two get married, there are chances when you may face a spousal identity theft. You need to research more about the person whom you are dating because one wrong decision may head your life to ruins. Also, if you face any kind of unacceptable or suspicious behavior, you can always share it to the authorities and can report the incidents or cases. Be alert, because it is your life and your identity, it shall not be misused or played with.

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