Holiday Identity Theft, Don’t Let Him Steal Your Fun

Holiday identity theft

Holiday identity theft may happen to you while you are out to shop for your relatives and make them happy. The moment you leave your house to shop outside, it is the perfect time for the crooks to attain your personal information from your vacant house. People get distracted while they have a plan to go out on holidays. When they are distracted, it is the time when their security becomes vulnerable to attack. It may take some time to reveal that you have become the victim of identity theft and the result will be worse. In holiday identity theft there is also an array of technology that helps a person to steal your information from your house or electronic device.

Holiday identity theft

Holidays are a time when we love to spend time with our family or friends but this is the time when the identity thieves become active they are all ready to ruin our lives through identity theft attack. You need to know that a little bit of precautionary measure taken before such incidents happen to you, may save your holiday cheer from ruining. According to a survey of 1000 Americans, most of the people are scared of identity theft. So it is essential to check your credits reports and other documents regularly and be aware of emails that contain unsought links or contact numbers.

Holiday identity theft

There are thieves out there who use such emailing tactics, their emails look genuine but they ask about your personal information and this is where you get trapped. These thieves ask for your social security number. Providing them your SSN will be a big step in paving way for the prying eyes to misuse your information and identity. Consumers get lots of mails regarding promotions of a new business or product and this is how they fall as victims of identity theft. There are many types of holiday scams in which the thieves get many opportunities to make you their target for example- Bogus websites with unbelievable deals, digital greeting cards that also contain malware ads, fake shipping notices, fake Cyber Monday or Black Friday ads, etc. this way the thieves also commit travel identity theft by stealing your personal data while you travel across the world.

Holiday identity theft

Tips that can help you prevent holiday identity theft:

1. Protect your wallet from being stolen- Never let the pickpockets grab your wallet because our wallets usually contain precious documents like Driver’s License, Credit cards or SSN.

2. Update your computer security software- Regularly update the security or firewall software of your computer because if your computer gets hacked remotely through a virus, it can suck all your personal data from your computer and you never know it’s a work of an identity thief.

3. Holiday packages- you might also get emails regarding holiday packages that may seem alluring to you but when you open their link, these mails again transfer viruses to your computer or they may ask for some of your personal information.

4. Safeguard you PIN and ATM number- Do not save your PIN or ATM numbers on any randomly picked paper at home, or in your phone diaries at home. You never know in your absence thieves can easily find it out from your house.

5. Keep extra copies of your credit cards- Keep a photocopy of both the sides of your credit cards because when you lose your wallet in any circumstance, you will at least have an easy access to you accounts. Least you miss out the preventive measures, more you will face identity theft scams.

6. Limit your social media sharing- While you are going for a holiday trip, you shall never update your social media accounts regarding your check-ins or check-outs. Because the prying eyes are always waiting for any update about you moving out and your empty house.

You are your own shield to safeguard your identity as it is vulnerable to attacks form those who find it easy to steal. In case your identity is stolen you need to freeze your accounts by contacting your bank and get your services monitored. Protect your identity, it is your existence and individuality which is unique. Don’t let it happen.

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