Hope Your Firewall Works… Dear Victim, I am Hacking You

Firewall Works

We know that our personalities rule our conduct but we shall also understand if it interprets to our online lives as well. Based on a research it came out as 91% adults know that using the same passwords for all their accounts is dicey but 61% still do the same. This escalates the probabilities of hacking of your accounts because both types of personalities depict that they have the thoughtfulness of the threat involved in identity theft yet they do not change out of sluggishness.


When we talk about the online security, both the traits exhibit the same behaviour of being adamant on having the same bad habits of keeping same passwords. With our research, we have to know some different traits of both the type A and B personality so here are some points that will explain the story:

The type A personality: The Type A personalities have a desire to stay in control and due to their organized nature, they always try to maintain their system no matter even if they reuse the same passwords for all accounts. They do not feel that they are at any risk of identity theft because of their well-organized system.

• Controller- The 35% of these personalities do not want to take pains to remember all the passwords.
• Fact-Oriented- 49% of the personalities have their own systems that do the work of remembering the passwords.
• Thoughtful- 2/3rd personalities of these remain proactive in keeping all their personal data and information safe in advance.
• Focused- 86% of these personalities have a mindset that if they keep a strong password, then they are safe from identity theft attacks and hacking; along with this, they can save their families too.


The Type B personality: These personalities have rather relaxed traits to display. These personalities somehow convince themselves and are in a state of mind that they believe hackers will get nothing out of their accounts. Due to this laid-back attitude, Type B lack password security.

1. Casual- 45% people think their accounts are of no use to any hacker.
2. Easy-going- 43% people keep simple recognizable passwords as their priority rather than keeping strong ones.
3. Malleable- ½ of the people have this mindset that they need to be safe from data breaches so they need to limit their online accounts.
4. Inattentive- 86% feel that they could compromise their online security.

By the help of this research, we get to know why people become victims of identity theft. These users exhibit different behaviours but have one thing similar and that is their poor password behaviour. Even while many users know what steps they have to take to prevent themselves from identity theft and hacking, they still make poor choices in creating passwords. You need to maintain your system’s safety as a priority and have to consider all the good password habits in default mode.

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