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Identity Theft Resolution

Let’s resolute to avoid identity theft the coming New Year by sharing the word with maximum people we can. In the last year, the identity thieves were too active and committed data breaches and did not slow down throughout. The holiday season is the prime time for the thieves to attack innocent people because, during the festive season, people are too busy in buying things, leaving their houses vacant. The thieves wait for you to become a little irresponsible and careless so that they can take over your identity, steal your money and ruin your image in front of your creditors. So, this time, take an identity theft resolution that you will not let this crime happen to you or your loved ones.

Identity Theft Resolution

Few tools are valuable for your aid to fight against identity theft. Your computer needs tools that can save all your documents safely out of the reach of the prying eyes of an identity thief. Most of the people, in fact, the majority of them, have their emails open on their multimedia phones. You need to keep a check on your emails; your phones are quite handy so you can keep a check on your emails wherever you go. Any kind of spoofing or phishing mail is an indication that you may be the next target of the crooks. Also, make it sure that you are receiving your credit card and bank statements regularly in your email.

Subscribing to a credit monitoring service will be a great idea this year because it monitors your credits regularly. In addition, these services keep you notified on a regular account in case you fall a victim of identity theft. Remember not to fall into such identity frauds, swindles by reading news, and stories about the frauds; you never know when you might fall as a target.

Identity Theft Resolution

Here are some tips for you to ponder upon, as the New Year is heading and you need to take great resolutions to safeguard your one and only unique identity:

1. Learn to tell a few lies- Whenever you have to fill in your personal information for registering into some site you shall change your birthday, schools attended, hometown etc. Do not fill up your true details in these sites that ask for your personal information before registering for services.

2. Change your passwords regularly- On an average of 6-8 months, you should change your passwords. If your keep using same passwords for years, you are likely to get your password hacked. In addition to this, you should also keep typical passwords that include alphabet, numbers and symbols, which makes them a hard nut to crack.

3. Closely observe your privacy settings- Once a month do visit your privacy settings and account settings on every social media application or website. You may get the idea that it is needful for you to change your settings from being visible to all.

4. Stop the use of public WiFi- It is not trustworthy to use public WiFi because the fraudsters might link your phone’s information and get access to the files on your phone. It is very easy for them to steal your phone’s information and make identity theft happen. The fraudsters may also be locating your devices remotely to get an access to your device to hack it. This is known as radio frequency identification identity theft.

5. Clear out your wallet- Many people keep their passwords written on papers, credit card numbers, Driver’s license, social security cards etc. in their wallet. Things that carry your personal identification should not be kept in your wallet because once stolen, your wallet will reveal all your identity to the thief.

Identity Theft Resolution

Identity theft is a crime that you need to think about and every month there are too many cases that shake our trust on people but we shall not stop believing and we shall not stop taking care of our credentials. Our safety is linked to our family’s safety and the people who are connected to us. So, this New Year, take a resolution that you will not let identity theft happen to you or to anybody else. Spread awareness and be cautious, Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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