Mail and wire fraud committed by a Missouri woman

Identity theft

Patricia Webb, a resident of Lee’s Summit, Missouri is in the news for a recent embezzlement case. She is being investigated for stealing $1.2 million from Olathe, Kansas-based Garmin International (a maker of satellite-based fitness and navigation products), where she worked as a Senior Payroll Manager from early 2012 to May 2014.
Being accused of employee theft cases within her organisations of work, she is also charged with stealing more than $300,000 from Black & Veatch, an Overland Park-based engineering firm. She worked there where she worked as a Global Payroll Manager from 2015 till March 2nd, 2016. She made a yearly salary of $90,000 in the firm. Her embezzlement fraud was discovered when Commerce Bank’s account manager notified the firm of suspicious payroll deposits in some of its accounts.

According to state prosecutors in Jackson County, Webb was also accused of forging two checks earlier amounting to $3300 while working as a payroll clerk at a retirement village in Lee’s Summit. She was later convicted at trial for two forgery counts in 2012. She is accused of one count of aggravated identity theft and 23 counts of wire fraud according to the investigation report of the federal grand jury in Kansas City, Missouri. All her fraud cases are large-scale and complex which affected a lot of people.

embezzlement case

What’s shocking is that her embezzlement fraud at Garmin International was discovered by the FBI when they were looking into Webb’s financial activities at Black & Veatch. Webb also stole the identity of a Garmin employee to pilfer around $7400 from a company that provides healthcare benefits for the employees of Garmin.

Webb has not been prosecuted for the Garmin case, but the case is still under fraud investigation process, according to the officials. She is in federal custody regarding the Black & Veatch case. P.J. O’Connor who is Webb’s attorney in the Black & Veatch case refused to comment. Webb spent $546000 on casinos, $237,000 on home purchases, $18,000 at restaurants and $29,000 for travel-related expenses which included expenses of both hotels and flights for trips to Las Vegas, Miami, and Bangkok.

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