Man Arrested On Suspicion Of Being A Cocaine Dealer

Criminal Identity Theft

Criminal Identity Theft 

We know that identity theft mostly leads to enormous financial loss and always has serious consequences for a victim. But that’s not all!

In the case of a criminal identity theft, a victim not only suffers financial loss but he also has the risk of getting arrested for crimes not committed by him. Erie Salgado, a resident of South Florida became a victim of criminal identity theft. According to ABC affiliate WFTV, Orlando, he lost his identity many years (almost a decade) ago in Puerto Rico. Since then, he was worried about getting arrested.

The person who stole Salgado’s identity was a cocaine dealer and hence, he was suspected of being a Massachusetts-based cocaine dealer. He also had to go jail due to this confusion.

He consistently tried to assure the law authorities that he was innocent and someone else had committed that crime. After the officials found out about identity theft, they apologised to him. They also said that the felony of criminal identity theft was occurring quite often due to which innocent people have to go to jail. According to Salgado’s wife Betsy, that incident ruined her husband’s credit.

To recognise the rising problem of identity theft and to help victims, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement initiated a program to support victims if their identities are stolen.

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