Master Password Saved My Computer from Theft Attacks!!

Password Manager

Using a password manager is one of the best ways to enjoy the safety traits in your computer. Your password has to be strong and unique, this ensures it is not likely to be stolen or hacked. Not too many people use password managers but the ones who use, they cannot imagine their life without it. Unless one has a password manager, he/she uses the same password to log into every different account and that is where a person gets trapped. It is really difficult to remember all the passwords of as many accounts you have, so here the password manager play their role better.

Password Manager

Online password managers are designed in order to help you store, organize and encrypt you passwords for as many accounts you hold. Using an application that takes care of remembering all your passwords is a safer and easy way as compared to keep all passwords same. While you set up a password organizer, you need to set a strong unique password that is going to safeguard all your accounts. This organizer saves all the passwords of your critical accounts on a web-based password manager and all your passwords will be encrypted so that they are not likely to be lost or hacked.

It is mandatory on some sites that you need to create an overall different password and then troubles people in remembering all the username and password combinations. But with the help of secure password storage, these password managers capture your existing username and password credentials the first time you log into a website. So here the only unique password that you need to remember is your secret vault’s master password. This ensures you of a great internet security that can eventually save your personal information to be leaked through the websites you surf.

Password Manager

How can you secure your devices and networks?

1. Encrypt your data before it gets stolen- Data encryption is needed because all the information that you save on your browser will be shielded through the data encryption. To protect your files, emails, etc. you need to get a developed coded system that encrypts your important data on your computer or browser.

2. Get a backup of your data- So far you must have overlooked your data security but now you really need to get a backup of your data before you are caught by the prying eyes of an identity thief. Create the backup on a different device like an external hard disk, pen drive etc.

3. Saving your data on the cloud- Cloud is provided in order to save your data for backups and it has no harm because it is always an ideal solution for backups.

4. Using an anti-malware- The unknown malware always sneak into your system through inconspicuous sites. This malware cease your computer system to open authentic sites and may also corrupt your files, media and other software. To get rid of it, you need to get a good anti-malware software installed on your computer.

5. Check on operating system’s updates- Your operating system needs updates and they have to be installed on a regular basis because failing to install the updates means your computer will be at a risk. You also need to ponder upon the password security tips to protect your identity along with protecting your computer system’s security.

The password managers are a convenient source to protect your identity from being stolen. These organize all your usernames and passwords in an encrypted format and hence one master password will take care of all your other passwords. This protects your identity from being vulnerable to identity theft attacks.

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