Medical Identity Theft Case, Woman delivered a baby using stolen identity

Medical Identity Theft

Medical identity theft happens when someone steals your personal information to acquire medical care, submit false bills, or buy drugs in your name. Medical identity theft can destroy your life in many ways like it can damage your credit rating and may also waste taxpayer dollars. In case any wrong information ends up in your medical records, it may be a life-threatening experience for you.

You have to be aware about such threats because there is no warning signal before they take place. And in the end, the price you pay is more than what you have lost.

The medical identity thieves can steal your medical identity number & related credentials, Social Security Number and other personal information. These thieves also hack the medical databases or break into medical facilities at times. You need to check your medical records regularly and closely then only you will discover that whether you are being defrauded or safe. We have a story of an identity theft victim to share with you, that will give you an example how one may fall into the trap of Medical identity theft.

Medical Identity Theft

Anndorie Sachs became the victim of medical identity theft which is a growing type of identity theft. Sachs received a phone call saying that her new-born baby was tested positive for illegal drugs. She was very much shocked as he hadn’t given birth in years!

“I was absolutely floored, you would just never imagine in a million years that something could happen like this,” she said. “As much as I denied it, they just kept insisting that yes, I was the mother of this child, there was nothing I could say to get out of it.”

That’s not all! The authorities came to her house and said that she was not fit to be a mother. They also intimidated her saying that they will take away her other four kids. “When you know you’re innocent and you didn’t do anything wrong, it just absolutely — I was in tears, I was a wreck,” she said.

Later, it was found that a drug addict pregnant woman stole her driver’s license and fraudulently used it to commit this crime. She went to a hospital and delivered a baby using the stolen identity. Sachs was charged $10,000 for a service she did not use.

According to Sachs, the case caused chaos in her life. She had to go through a DNA test to convince the authorities that the baby was not hers. She was also worried about the changes that were made to her medical records due to the identity theft as it changed her medical identity.

“Am I going to have some emergency someday and I’m gonna show up at the hospital and they are going to give me the wrong blood type because they still have her blood type in the files? I just don’t feel safe anymore,” she said.
According to identity theft experts, many people find themselves being the victim of this form of identity theft in which people use stolen identities to receive medical treatment. With the increase in medical identity theft, many hospitals and other medical facilities began asking for various proofs of identity before admitting patients. These days most of the hospitals and other medical institutions ask patients for several pieces of evidence of identity before admitting them for preventing identity theft.

Medical Identity Theft

Now a day, there are so many styles of the identity thieves, by which they commit this crime. One of the very unusual type is Radio frequency identification identity theft. In this type, the thieves steal a person’s identity and information wirelessly. Unfortunately, there is no such pre-determined way to secure yourself from this threat other than being cautious. One big loss may lead you to ruins so it is very essential to keep a track on your medical records and to report it as immediately as possible. Once you get to know that you have been victimized, the ultimate step should be reporting it to the authorities.

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