Suffer or Payoff, Said my Ex-Spouse!

Identity Theft by Ex-Spouse

In America, it is essential for people to maintain a good credit score and besides this; they are always into the diversion of buying goods and services.
Many times people create their own debts, but when the debt created on your name is because of your ex-spouse, then it becomes a reason to worry about. It is a common way to take revenge from an ex-spouse and now a day’s people are tricking their ex-spouses to commit identity theft after they end up with their marriage. If your ex-spouse knows about your credentials, and account numbers, he/she may use your details in your name and leave you faulty of the crime you never committed. This is where you need to prevent identity theft by ex-spouse.

Identity Theft by Ex-Spouse

Your ex-spouse may use your money and credits to shop, pay his bills and even misuse it for some criminal purpose without your knowing. Marital instability and divorce are such traumatic events for a person that it takes months to years to overcome the shock. This time when you are going through a lot of emotional turmoil, you never know when your ex-spouse may turn into an identity thief. More than likely your ex-spouse has ample of your personal information like your social security number, details of your bank accounts or credit card numbers.

You are what you do… Here are some important tips for you to know the need to be cautious:

1. Pay attention to your credits- You need to wake up right after your divorce or separation and check if there is any fraudulent account opening or purchases in your name before or after divorce. Even if your ex-spouse is well to do in life, they may continue to take revenge from you. Therefore, you need to freeze your accounts, credit cards and keep a watch on the bank statements. This is easy for spouses who are not even divorced but can take advantage of your credentials and commit spousal identity theft.

2. Be responsive to your debts- You need to be responsive toward any debts and should pay off your debts on time. If you do not pay your debts in time you will surely be in a trouble once if you are caught up in the identity theft scams. Most of the times, such cases take months to years to be resolved and by then you might face a lot of financial loss. To defend your credits, you can pay them off on time or before that, this is the best way to prevent yourself from identity theft by ex-spouse.

3. Keep everything in Black and White- No matter if it is just a separation or a final divorce, but you should keep it in written. You need to keep an eye on what documents you are exchanging and need to separate your financial documents and information to lessen the chances of your ex-spouse to misuse your information in any way.

Identity Theft by Ex-Spouse

Now a day, not only an ex-spouse identity theft is common, but also people are so forward and techno-savvy today that they also loot children’s identity. The adults are not alone in this struggle, while a person commits child identity theft; it takes much time to reveal because children do not get their social security card unless they become adults. In addition, until they become adults, the identity thieves keep using the children’s identity for a long time. Therefore, good luck to you for building a good bond with your partner so that he/she does not turn into a thief.

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