Secret To Create The Best Master Password

Master Password

Now, you have decided to use a password manager. It’s a great step towards improving your security and protecting your information. Master Password is the password which you need to create and use to access your password manager and all your other passwords.

The next step after signing up a password manager will be to create its master password.Creating a unique password will be the biggest challenge for you. This is because it is the only password which you will be using from now on.

Master Password

What’s a master password anyways?

  • Master Password is the password of your password manager. It helps you to sign into your password manager.
  • It is the key to access all your other passwords.
  • Master password is the one and the only password which you need to use and remember.

How To Create Your Master Password?

Creating a master password is not a ‘piece of cake’. When you think of creating your master password, it surely can look really difficult at first. This is because your password has to be something which should not only be difficult to crack but also which you can easily remember. Although if you follow some simple password tricks, it can actually be very easy and exciting to create a Master Password.

“A strong password should have loads and loads of letters, numbers, symbols, etc.” This is completely a myth. If your password has an unnecessary number of complex characters, then it will be impossible for you to remember it. This, in turn, will result in destroying the purpose of the master password. The rule of your Master Password is to remember it. You cannot take the risk of writing it down anywhere.

Master Password

Tips To Create Your Master Password

The best option to create your Master Password is to create a passphrase. A passphrase is a collection of several words along with few other characters. The difference between a password and a passphrase is that a passphrase is longer for extra security. Using a passphrase as a password proves to be more secure.

The unique feature of a passphrase is that though being longer and complex, you can easily remember it if you created it. It will only be understood by you and it will not be easy for an intruder to guess it.

Passphrases make the best passwords because-

  • They’re lengthy, therefore difficult to guess.
  • They use your own personal words, so you can easily remember them.

Hence, passphrases are very difficult to guess for even a robot.

Let us see an example.


This password/ passphrase has no meaning to anyone and is almost impossible to guess it. At the same time, it is very easy for you to create and remember it.

The above passphrase says – Smarty hope to see you soon. There is a smiley face in the end and few capital alphabets & special characters in between. See how easy it was to create this passphrase, yet it looks so complex to any other person. It may look difficult in the beginning to remember but if you type your password a few times, it will be a piece of cake.

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