Shoulder Surfing, My Shoulder Your Gun

shoulder surfing

The story of Jane could be anybody’s story nowadays as he was caught up in such a common situation of Shoulder Surfing. This could have led him to the worst level of conviction. This poor fellow’s stolen identity has robbed his comfort because of an unpretentious blunder he did. Jane never thought that using a public phone while somebody being near him, could be this unsafe in today’s world. His neighbour Andrew, a 22-year-old boy heard Jane sharing his credit-card number to a rental-car company and attempted a shoulder surfing attack that went successfully.

He did not pay any heed to this and his money was used by Andrew for buying a home, car, and handguns etc. which were a heavy pocket stuff. This information went to Jane’s bank and Jane was informed about the transaction through text messages, email, and a phone call. Though the culprit was captured by the cops, but with this incident, Jane got disturbed about his own negligence as it was a distressing episode of identity theft. Among maximum people, there is no identity theft awareness that can buzz an alarm in order to make people alert of the crime.

Shoulder Surfing

There is a saying, “A spark neglected, burns the house”, which is what happened with Jane. Anybody could be another Jane in this world, where people wait to take advantage of your negligence. Now a question arises, how can you protect yourself from such identity thefts? Sounds like an easy question, you might have an answer too… But you must have never paid heed towards it.

The government has designed some identity theft laws that can help the citizens to become aware of the threat of theft identities. These laws are an initiative to safeguard the identity of a person and apart from the laws, the Government has declared strict Identity Theft punishments for the criminals.

These are the criminals who retrieve your passwords or any confidential identity information and can trigger it for destructive purposes. So, here we have some easy precautions listed below that will help you save yourself from being a victim of identity theft:

1. Never keep an easy password for your accounts. It’s stress-free for the hackers to get your easy passwords.
2. Do not share your passwords with anyone, unless you can trust them for the good. Also, remember to change your passwords on a regular basis.
3. Never leave your accounts opened. Once you use them, log out of all the accounts and crosscheck whether you have finally logged out or not.
4. If you have lost your wallet or to be precise your credit cards; call the particular banks to block your cards immediately.
5. While using a public phone booth, make sure you are not surrounded by anyone who is all ears to what you are talking about.
6. Maintain the records of all your banking and financial accounts.

Try not to avoid any unusual thing that happens to your accounts as this may lead the intruders to trespass into your identity. Do not stop going out because of the fear of being a prey of identity theft but, look into your surroundings, observe people near you & once and for all, “Be Alert”. Not everybody is your friend, people are ready to take advantage of your belongings and this means you have to keep your eyes and ears open while sharing any confidential information to anybody over the phone or in person. Identity theft protection is in your own hands, Seal it, Conceal it…

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  1. Ruben Karl

    nice post. one should keep passwords safe now a days, as identity theft is increasing. this post will help people to know how to stay secure from hackers.

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