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Spousal Identity Theft

Spousal identity theft is one such theft that can be so unfortunate and sudden to happen when two people are involved with each other in witness of the whole community. In the institution of marriage, there is a lot of money involved and there is also immense joy involved in this event. But this one day of joy may turn into a hazardous event if your spouse is involved in taking advantage of your identity. It is hard to prove spousal identity theft because the property of two people becomes comingled. If the spouse misuses the property of his/her partner or dishonestly embezzles the partner’s assets, then he/she is chargeable of spousal theft.

Once you are married, it is a common account that both you and your partner deal with. The challenging part is that here the property belongs to both spouses equally out of which one is a victim and the other is the thief. It is more likely that your present spouse or ex-spouse may be knowing all your significant personal information so it becomes easier for him/her to do all kind of illegal transactions and leave you under debts. The information includes your social security number, credit card numbers, and access to your bank accounts along with your passwords.

Spousal Identity Theft

Identity theft, in any case, is not legitimate even if one’s spouse is involved. Especially, if one’s spouse has opened accounts or has used already opened accounts of his/her partner, for any illegal use. It may lead to financial perfidy to one’s partner that will definitely leave you to wrecks and also will shatter your trust and belief in your spouse. It will definitely shake your relation with your spouse in the future.

Spouse theft is your nearest and dearest hoax-

There are thieves who not only steal their spouse’s identity or property but also steal their child’s identity who is either not born or is of very tender age and is on a mother’s feed. Child identity theft is common as the thief cannot be caught so easily unless the child enters the age when he/she can apply for SSN. Children do not require credit cards or social security cards or any bank accounts until they grow up to the eligibility criteria to apply.

There could be so many security measures that you may take while you have encountered about a spousal theft. The first thing one should do in this case is to freeze all their accounts and credit cards so that your thief spouse cannot make any changes in your accounts. Along with this, you should check firsthand, whether any additional unknown accounts have been opened in your name. If yes, you have to cease them too. Your spouse may take a lot of money as debt in your name and might not settle for less. Whichever the case may be, but financial infidelity is bad and for this time you need to split your finances from your spouse.

Spousal Identity Theft

There are ways that might be helpful to you in case you have encountered a spousal identity theft:

• Check your debts:

No matter how much debt you have taken, you need to pay it off well on time. In case you become a victim of identity fraud, the debt will still continue to gain interest and the ultimate amount will be way increased then you could have thought. If you need to defend your credits, you should pay off your debts timely.

• A simple heed to your credits:

You need to keep a regular check on your credit reports because any kind of fraudulent purchase or opening of the fraudulent account is done in order to gain money during or after marriage. Once you freeze your credit accounts, you are far safer from the threat of identity theft.

• Get everything in Black-and-White:

Maybe it is a marriage in a hurry or a well-planned wedding, the first thing you need to keep documented is your marriage proof. Then any kind of assets or money owed shall be present in writing with you, as when needed both the parties shall be kept accountable for it. In case you want to be safe in the future, you shall keep your social security number separate.

In the beginning, there is no other way around than to trust your better half, but at times the situation reverses and your better half seems to be your worst nightmare in reality. In the case of spousal identity frauds, you might need to walk away from your spouse who has victimised you of identity theft that most likely involves financial identity theft. In case you are apprehensive of such a threat again in the future, you may opt for identity theft protection.

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