Synthetic Identity Theft- Spoofing Thieves

Synthetic Identity Theft is such a theft to your identity in which a thief steals some real information and fuses it with little-fabricated information that brings about a completely new fraud identity. The major aim behind consumer fraud activities is to obtain your credits & identity, crime purposes, to obtain driving licenses and passports etc.

According to a report from the Federal Trade Commission, in the year 2009, there were approx. 13.9 million Americans who witnessed an Identity Theft crime. There are many “unfriendly friends” that come in our life to take advantage of our belongings. These people are like a wolf in sheep’s clothing and can use any sort of trick to identify themselves as the trusted individuals.

While in Indiana, if a person’s identifying information is used by another person for lawful purposes, then it is not termed as a Theft crime. Synthetic Identity Theft is one of the firmest growing and hardest to detect Identity Theft and this process is explained in a diagrammatic representation below:

The Normal pattern goes like this

The Suspicious pattern goes like


There are few types of Identity Thefts other than Synthetic Identity Theft which is listed here:

  1. Medical Identity Theft
  2. Social Security Identity Theft
  3. Child Identity Theft
  4. Financial Identity Theft
  5. Insurance Identity Theft
  6. Driver’s License Identity Theft
  7. Criminal Identity Theft

ID Theft has been a major problem for citizens of all ages and this crime consists of:

  • Intentionally and knowingly obtaining, possessing, transferring or using another person’s (living or deceased) identifying information without the person’s consent.
  • With the intent to harm or defraud another person, assume another person’s identity or pretend to be another person.

There are many sources from where one can face a social security number identity theft. This is explained in the diagrammatic representation given below:


Thus, there is a need of Identity protection because of these emerging fraudulent activities. According to a news from the CBC, there are thousands of Driver’s Licenses with fake names which are being circulated in Ontario. Out of these thousands, there are many new types of frauds that are spread like a plague in the financial industry and has also caused the Canadians, a billion dollar loss in a year. For our readers’ convenience, we have listed few steps in order to spot a Synthetic ID fraud that can minimise the chances of becoming a victim of such threats:

  1. Check

Check your credit reports three times a year.

  1. Review

Review your annual Social Security Statement.

  1. Note

Note any mail that comes to your home under a different name.

  1. Monitor

Monitor your kids’ credit reports.

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