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Cyber Hygiene – Your Guide To Web Security

Cyber Hygiene is the incorporation of various security measures to protect yourself and your information online from cyber crooks. In this digital age, we depend on computers and modern gadgets for so many aspects of our lives. Therefore, we need to be proactive and vigilant to protect ourselves against cyber threats.

Internet Security, Your Shared Information Leaked

Internet security is the branch of computer security related to the internet. It is the process which defines the rules and regulations to protect against internet attacks. It also involves browser security.

Threats to data security and data integrity

Threats to data security and data integrity have increased significantly in the past few years. In today’s world, it is important for each and every organisation to protect its information due to its confidentiality and privacy. The terms data security and data integrity are related to each other.

Social Media Identity Theft, Enabling Social Security

Identity theft affects millions of people every year according to recent studies. It affects people in various ways, mostly leading to huge financial losses. One of the most common types of identity theft is the social media identity theft involving theft through social networking.

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