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Major Data Breaches Of 2016   

Data Breaches are incidents in which cybercriminals gain access to confidential information through various malicious cyber techniques. The occurrence of data breaches has increased to a great extent these days. Various Data Breaches occurred in the year 2016.

User Blocked!! Protect Your Identity Now

Protecting your identity from theft is necessary because nobody can afford to lose his/her identity that too on the cost of his lifetime earned goodwill and money.

16 Early Signs of Identity Theft To Notify The Victims

The various signs of identity theft help you identify if you are a victim. Identity theft is one of the chief crimes in the United States and approximately 10 million US citizens suffer from this crime every year.

Recent Data Breaches That Claims Your Attention

By having a look at the recent data breaches, you can understand the impact of data breaches on the companies. Several data breaches have occurred in the past year and have affected the companies extremely.

Breach of Data, Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a data breach? A data breach is an incident in which sensitive and private information are accessed by attackers through stolen hardware devices, hacking, etc.

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