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13 Common Types Of Identity Theft Scams

Identity theft scams are very common in the United States and the numbers keep on increasing. It is very important to protect your identity as there are various ways by which scammers can acquire your information. Every scam is not identity theft, but it can lead to a theft depending on the information lost.

Biggest Cyber Security Threats and Tips For Prevention

Cyber security threats are well known to everyone, these threats take away your computer security or IT security. Cyber security is the process of protecting computer programs, networks, and data from theft, damage, etc. It is very important to protect ourselves from cyber security threats as it could lead to identity theft.

Preventing ID Theft While Travelling

Identity theft is an increasing problem today because of the advanced technology. While you travel, the risk of identity theft is very much. So, how can you protect your identity while travelling? Watch the following video and find out.

People Share Their Identity Theft Experiences

Watch various shocking experiences of  identity theft victims through the following video: 1. Courtney went to a store to buy things and both her debit and credit card were denied!

FTC Experts’ Advice On Identity Theft

Must Watch Video so that you don’t become the next victim.

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