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Facebook Account Hacked!!

Click and Watch!! What happened when victim found that the Facebook account which he had deleted 5 years ago has been hacked and was supporting Anti-American groups, terrorist groups, and government resistance groups.

Preventing ID Theft While Travelling

Identity theft is an increasing problem today because of the advanced technology. While you travel, the risk of identity theft is very much. So, how can you protect your identity while travelling? Watch the following video and find out.

People Share Their Identity Theft Experiences

Watch various shocking experiences of  identity theft victims through the following video: 1. Courtney went to a store to buy things and both her debit and credit card were denied!

Women Stunned After Finding 200 People Were Using Her Identity

Audra Schmierer, a resident of Dublin, California decided to work again after her son started going to school. So, she applied to a temp agency. She got shocked when the agency told her that she had already been working! Isn’t it shocking? Click to find out more.

FTC Experts’ Advice On Identity Theft

Must Watch Video so that you don’t become the next victim.

College Student Almost Lost Internship Due To Identity Theft

Social Security Identity Theft Lindsey, a resident of Texas became a victim of identity theft during her college days. Lindsey had to do an internship during her college vacation. She applied for her dream internship and she was sure that her application would be accepted.

Man Arrested On Suspicion Of Being A Cocaine Dealer

Criminal Identity Theft  We know that identity theft mostly leads to enormous financial loss and always has serious consequences for a victim. But that’s not all!

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