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Go Ahead!! Regain That Good Name Once Again…

The illegal or unauthorized use of one’s personal information in order to misuse the money of the authorized owner and to commit credit card frauds or another type of offences.

Financial Identity Theft Where Employee Sold Customer’s Information

Financial Identity Theft definition states that it is a crime where a person steals another person’s financial information or personal data that leads to financial theft. The sole purpose of this type of theft is to steal a person’s identity in order to make transactions or purchases.

22 Child Identity Theft Facts For Your Child’s Safety

Child identity theft Facts allow parents to know and understand what dangers could follow their child since they are born. As this is a very common type of identity theft and happens when children or teens below 18 years of age become a victim of identity theft.

Reducing the Risk of Identity Theft

People are worried about their finances very much and want to minimise the risk of identity theft. As the personal and financial information of people can be easily retrieved with the improvements in the technology. Identity theft has become one of the fastest growing crimes because of increasing cases of identity theft year after year.

Identity Theft Facts That Would Scare You

Identity Theft facts are never too old to drive your attention because it is a serious and common problem and it occurs very frequently than people assume. This crime is getting worse year after year.

How To Report An Identity Theft, Organisations Working For It

Reporting identity theft at the right time is essential as it is a growing crime these days. Thousands of victims around the globe, have been facing too many losses may it be on the financial front or on the emotional front.

Identity Theft, What To Do When You Become A victim

Identity theft is the technique of stealing someone else’s identity for personal gain. In this, the thief deliberately steals other person’s personal information to obtain benefits such as financial gain, medical benefits, etc. Hence, we can say that identity theft always leads to victim’s loss, be it financial loss or loss of service benefits.

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