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Guess Whom I’m Dating!! An Online Dating Thief…

Online dating identity theft can be a big way for scammers to execute their criminal minds. Through online dating people meet new people and interact with many strangers in their daily life.
Reporting identity theft at the right time is essential as it is a growing crime these days. Thousands of victims around the globe, have been facing too many losses may it be on the financial front or on the emotional front.
The highest rate of identity theft is found in countries of North America. Identity theft is a growing problem in various countries these days. Due to almost full dependence on online payment methods by many individuals, the crime keeps on increasing.
The story of Jane could be anybody’s story nowadays as he was caught up in such a common situation of Shoulder Surfing. This could have led him to the worst level of conviction. This poor fellow’s stolen identity has robbed his comfort because of an unpretentious blunder he did.

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