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Suffer or Payoff, Said my Ex-Spouse!

In America, it is essential for people to maintain a good credit score and besides this; they are always into the diversion of buying goods and services.

Holiday Identity Theft, Don’t Let Him Steal Your Fun

Holiday identity theft may happen to you while you are out to shop for your relatives and make them happy. The moment you leave your house to shop outside,

Online Dating Scams – Is Your Date A Scammer?

Online dating websites are a great platform to find and meet people around the world and finding your perfect partner. You can find such persons which you may never find around you. With our lives getting more modern, online dating is becoming more and more popular.

13 Common Types Of Identity Theft Scams

Identity theft scams are very common in the United States and the numbers keep on increasing. It is very important to protect your identity as there are various ways by which scammers can acquire your information. Every scam is not identity theft, but it can lead to a theft depending on the information lost.

Highest rated Identity Theft States

Identity theft in the US is quite common. There were around 2 million cases of identity fraud in 2013, according to the FTC. The fraudulent activities related to identity theft amounted to $1.6 billion every year. The most common problems of identity theft include filing false government documents and applications for government benefits.

Reducing the Risk of Identity Theft

People are worried about their finances very much and want to minimise the risk of identity theft. As the personal and financial information of people can be easily retrieved with the improvements in the technology. Identity theft has become one of the fastest growing crimes because of increasing cases of identity theft year after year.

Man Calling Himself An Apostle Sold Illegal CPNs

Watch the following video and  find out how Donald Batiste, who said he was an apostle, tricked a pastor Giles Foster and several other US citizens by issuing them illegal Credit Profile Numbers (CPNs).

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