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FTC Experts’ Advice On Identity Theft

Must Watch Video so that you don’t become the next victim.

College Student Almost Lost Internship Due To Identity Theft

Social Security Identity Theft Lindsey, a resident of Texas became a victim of identity theft during her college days. Lindsey had to do an internship during her college vacation. She applied for her dream internship and she was sure that her application would be accepted.

Man Arrested On Suspicion Of Being A Cocaine Dealer

Criminal Identity Theft  We know that identity theft mostly leads to enormous financial loss and always has serious consequences for a victim. But that’s not all!

Employee Sold Customers’ Sensitive Information

Financial Identity Theft definition states that it is a crime where a person steals another person’s financial information or personal data that leads to financial theft. The sole purpose of this type of theft is to steal a person’s identity in order to make transactions or purchases.

Woman Used Her Daughter’s Identity to Fullfill Her Own Dreams

Wendy Brown, a resident of Green Bay, Wisconsin committed child identity theft to her own daughter! She fraudulently used her 15-year-old daughter’s identity to enrol herself in a local high school named Ashwaubenon High School and join a cheerleading team.

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