Sniffing Before it’s Too Late- Travel Identity Theft

Identity theft while travelling

Travel Identity Theft is a greater than we think because at the time of travelling, we leave our home empty and there is nobody to keep a check at our home. Identity theft while travelling is a threat these days as we know that it is a compulsion to travel at times, due to vacations or due to work. If we are at home, we have full control over the things that are going to happen or are already happening with us. We all feel safe at home but once we step out of our home, our assets and properties become exposed to the identity thieves who may take advantage of our identities and personal information. The threat of identity theft while travelling take away all our leisure at once.

People go on vacations because this is the time when they can get some time out of their daily problems and sufferings. While you are about to start a journey, you would wish to have fun and a stress-free journey where you don’t have to be worried about your daily life. And, if one want to enjoy their trip they would surely don’t want to be bothered about their house all the time.

Identity theft while travelling

How identity thieves steal your information?

Did you ever lose your wallet to some thief during your vacation, or it fell down from your hands somewhere and you did not notice? You know your wallet consists of many important identity proofs like your Driver’s License, health receipts, tickets etc. And if you are travelling internationally, your passport carries the uttermost importance to you after your health and safety. Your passport is your biggest identity and a license for you to move anywhere in the world if it gets stolen; any thief may misuse it against you. So, you need to be vigilant while going out of your house, maybe there is a thief near you who keeps an eye on the time when you leave the house or come back. It is not only a concern but an obligation to prevent identity theft while travelling.

In this digital age, this type of identity theft is found growing and the cases are maybe higher than reported. It is easy for people who work at your house or keeps your house when you are gone out, that they get a chance to steal your precious stuff and informative documents. This needs steps to be taken to protect your identity and preventing identity theft along with financial theft to happen to you. Once your identity is stolen it can ruin your life so you need to examine your documents and passwords regularly and carefully. To protect yourself from identity theft, there is no need for you to cancel your trip, just that you need to ponder upon few points that may help you in securing yourself from this threat.

Identity theft while travelling

Tips to secure yourself from identity theft while travelling:

1. Immune your things at home before you leave- You know your home is not a safer place for your important documents when you are away. So you need to keep your bills and documents to a safer place, probably in a locker of a bank. Also, if you have any pending bills, then pay them and clear your dues before you leave for vacation.

2. Keep in touch with your credit card companies- If in any case you have lost your credit cards then you should call your issuer first-hand and get this into his notice. Also, if nothing has happened to your credit cards then too you get a call from an issuer, try to notice that is it an issuer or some hacker trying to take your details over the phone.

3. Save your passwords at a safe place- While you are travelling, one neglected action may lead you to theft and you will lose control over all your passwords at once.

4. Do not share on social media about your trips- You shall not give updates on any kind of social media platform about you going out on a vacation. The thieves can grab this opportunity and either way, can rob your identity.

5. Act smart while travelling- When you know you have to travel, it is mandatory for you to pick only the very important stuff along and also carry cash only as much needed. This will save you from being a vulnerable victim of identity theft.

6. Be thoughtful after you return- After you come back from your journey, you should always cross check your credentials and if you have received any bank reports on your email that doesn’t look fair. Also, check your accounts and their credit reports.

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