“My Vulnerable clients” The Thief Says

College Identity theft

College Identity theft is one such theft where the victims are ignorant and easy targets for the thieves. The students are least bothered about such adversities of theft and identity theft is the last thing that they think of, as compared to other complications in college. College students have a mindset that they do not have any credit or money or property so why would anyone steal their identity. Identity theft not only means stealing money or assets, but it also takes away your reputation, name and fame. College identity theft is common because the students do not keep a credit watch and become the targets for scams.

College Identity theft

Basically the identity thieves focus on stealing the identity because of some criminal purposes. They pick the information of the students from the college forms or trash cans where students throw incomplete filled forms at times. For students, the computer labs or library is a useful resource but these are the places from where the identity thieves steal information. For many students, opening accounts and getting credit cards is a first time experience where they realize their very first responsibilities as a grown up child. For them identity theft prevention is a lazy task because they need to check their bank and credit card statements regularly.

College students as they are grown up children, so they use mobile phones and tablets to a large extent and using a mobile is dangerous for them. While using the unsecured wireless networks these students fail to realize that few sites may seem trusting but sharing their passwords and PIN codes on these sites could be misused by others with a fake identity. Children do not get to use their social security card unless they come in the age of 18 and so till they reach 18 years of age, the identity thieves get a lot of chances to be benefited with their social security cards.

Experts have said that the college students are more vulnerable victims to these thieves and parents also warn their children often about identity theft but at times most of the children ignore their parents. In the case of students, not only their money is at risk, but also their future. As soon as one discovers that he/she has fallen as the prey of identity thief, he/she must report identity theft immediately and get all the accounts and credit cards blocked by the respective banks.

College Identity theft

Here are discussed 5 ways that tell us, how the identity thieves trap the college students:

1. A thief can hear important information while you are talking over the phone.
2. When you are being careless with student loan pin numbers and documentation.
3. If you are living on the campus in dorms or have roommates, you are likely to become a target.
4. While you throw away your credit card offers, bills, receipts etc., without tearing them into million pieces.
5. While the students order anything from the internet, they share their information like address, card number, phone number, etc., this leads to theft.

Why college students are vulnerable victims of identity theft?

When the students get mass-mailed forms, they usually fill half of it and then leave the webpage. This is where the identity thieves get an invitation to steal a person’s identity. Another danger is to use their social security numbers to log in to the websites where they post their homework assignments. At times when the student is entering his/her SSN on the computer, there could be a thief standing nearby watching the screen and noticing the SSN for further misuse.

You can safeguard yourself from identity theft as when you suspect that your identity has been played off with, you can notify the concerned organizations and the law enforcement office immediately. For college going students, it is traumatic also, if they are trapped into this net. You have to be watchful about how to protect your information and never be free of the thought that this crime can never happen to you.

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