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Why Do You Need A Password Manager?

Why do you need a password manager

A password manager is a software application which is used to store and organise several complex passwords. The passwords which are stored in it are kept in encrypted form, therefore, a master password is required to be created by the user. This master password is the key to all the other passwords.

Passwords have literally become an important part of our daily life. For almost each and every action, we require them. We require passwords for logging in to our social media accounts, online shopping websites, online bank accounts, and much more. With the increasing options, we are creating more and more accounts. So, how can we remember all these passwords? One way is to set a common password for all the accounts. Another way is to write down all these passwords somewhere. Which one do you follow or find appropriate? If you are smart enough and have done appropriate research, you might be knowing that both are very unsafe ways and equally dangerous. So, what is the solution to this problem? Yes, password manager, it is. Let’s have a look deep inside.

How Password Manager Works?

When you visit a particular website in which you need to log in, you have to manually enter the login details every time you visit the site. This irritates you as it wastes your time and is so much work for logging in every time. That’s why you use the convenient option offered by that website of “remembering” your username and password. This is a very unsafe practice. In case the website becomes a victim of a major data breach, your account gets hacked. And if you use that password on other websites also, then you know what happens next. All your accounts are in danger.
Now all this problem can be solved by a password manager. When you use a password manager, it automatically fills the login details for you on every website. You just need to enter the master password to log into the password manager. All other passwords will be remembered by it. With the help of a password manager, password management becomes very easy and you can make your life more convenient.

While using a password manager, your first and important decision is to decide your master password. The master password is the key to all the passwords stored in the password manager. So, it has to be very strong and unique. You should follow the password security tips while creating your master password. You can’t take it lightly. After all, it’s the only password you have to remember. So, taking a little trouble to set your password is fine as it will save you from all the other troubles which could arise in case your password manager gets hacked by setting an easy and common password. It is also advised to timely change your master password.

Why do you need a password manager

Why do you need a Password Manager?

There are several reasons to use a password manager to manage your passwords. They are listed below:

• Protects from identity theft

It is widely known that you should never write your passwords somewhere on a piece of paper or on your PC. Similarly using same passwords for every account is also dangerous and can lead to identity theft. There are many scary identity theft facts that would draw your attention as the intensity of losses due to these thefts are big in number. In order to prevent yourself and others, password managers are the best aid that you can opt.

• Makes online identity convenient

A password manager makes your online identity more secure and convenient as it stores your login information for all the websites you use. It allows you to log in automatically.

• Creates complex passwords

When you create a new account, a password manager offers you to generate a secure and complex password for your account, freeing you from the work of creating a new password.

• Fills forms

It can be configured to fill information of various forms on different websites. It automatically remembers and fills information like your name, date of birth, address, email address, etc. It makes form filling very quick and easy.

• Ensures easy reinstallation of apps

A password manager saves download links, license keys and other necessary information of your purchased software. This makes reinstalling the apps very easy if you need to switch to a new device or something else happens.

Why do you need a password manager

• Protects you from phishing

As a password manager automatically fills the account information, therefore, it also helps you against phishing. For example, if you visit a link which you think you have previously accessed, and the password manager doesn’t fill the details automatically, then it is possible you might be on a phishing website.

• Saves card details

Entering your debit or credit card details on websites every time could be a very frustrating task. Also, saving your card details on the website is very unsafe. Password manager easily handles this problem by saving your card details and entering them when you require.

• Stores personal documents

You can even add the details of your personal documents such as your driver’s license, social security card, passport, etc. This way you will have a backup in case you lose any of your documents.

• Lets you add notes

If you want to keep a confidential and important note secure, then you can store it in a password manager as well.

• Gives you piece of mind

While you are free from the burden of remembering the usernames and passwords of each and every account of yours, so it gives you a piece of mind. It frees up your brain power and you can focus on more important things in your life.

Password managers are thus an important service that helps people from getting rid of phishing or skimming attacks. It becomes impossible for anybody else to see or steal your secret passwords. One single master key protects all your passwords because it is encrypted with such strict algorithms that no one can invade into your account. Installing a password manager means you are playing safe from any kind of cyber security issues and this tool makes it possible to secure your identity.

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