Woman Used Her Daughter’s Identity to Fullfill Her Own Dreams

child identity theft

Wendy Brown, a resident of Green Bay, Wisconsin committed child identity theft to her own daughter! She fraudulently used her 15-year-old daughter’s identity to enrol herself in a local high school named Ashwaubenon High School and join a cheerleading team.

According to a local district lawyer, Brown wanted to get a high school degree and become a cheerleader. She wanted to relive her childhood as she did not have a happy childhood. Brown’s daughter lived in Nevada with Brown’s mother. She took advantage of her daughter’s absence and used her Child ID number fraudulently.

According to officials at the school, without being aware of child identity theft consequences, Brown not only participated in the cheerleading squad but also attended parties with the students. She even went to a pool party at her coach’s house. She got a cheerleader’s locker and also attended the practices before the school.

Identity theft case

The school started looking further into this matter when she attended the classes for the first day only and when a check of $135.50 given by her to buy the cheerleading uniform, bounced.

At the time of enrolment, Brown told the teachers that she and her mother left Nevada to move away from her father. Apparently, assistant Principal Dirk Ribbins found that Brown’s daughter was actually studying at Pahrump Valley High School, Nevada only.

One of the school employee named Kim Demeny said that Brown, faking as a high school girl, seemed shy and looked very much like a teenager. Although she appeared little older, but her behaviour was very much similar to a high school girl.

Eventually, Brown confessed to identity theft and also said that her daughter did not know about this. According to Wendy Brown’s mother, earlier also, she committed identity theft crimes.

According to Lieutenant Jody Crocker, Ashwaubenon Public Safety Department, “It’s not all that suspicious if you have someone register from out of state and provide all the necessary documents when enrolling in school. I don’t know how long she could have continued to play the game, but she was successful at what she was doing.”

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